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Happy Canada Day!

140625 @star1 Magazine - July 2014
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Photo by @star1

140625 @star1 Magazine - July 2014
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Photo by @star1

140625 @star1 Magazine - July 2014
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Photo by @star1

140605 Incheon airport
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the search for sunggyu’s sexy…

Weekly Idol thus far.

- No Woohyun but dang! Sungyeol looks good!

- Boys stuffing their faces with food!

- Gyu getting put down by the 2 MCs.


In honor of Infinite’s 4th Anniversary, sungjonginwonderland @ I (purpleboyhowonee) decided to do another small giveaway with the help of our amazing friend Nikki! 


One lucky person will win a copy of <Season 2> [w/ photocard]


Reblog MAXIMUM of 5 times a day. No more than that. 

Likes Count!

[Remember: No giveaway blogs ㅡ ㅅ ㅡ;;;;]


June 9th 2014 EST ~ July 16th 2014 11PM EST

Miscellaneous stuff

  • It would be nice if you followed us [but don’t follow us for just the giveaway  ㅡ ㄱ ㅡ ]
  • This is International woop. 
  • if you have any questions come to my inbox or tweet me <@infinitizinghw>

140625 MBC Every1 Weekly Idol - INFINITE

Hello Counselor with Dongwoo, Sungyeol and Sunggyu is on KBS World now.

when sunggyu tries to get bora to apply suncream on him…


Inspirits, it’s time for a giveaway!

In celebration of Infinite’s recent comeback, I’m having my second giveaway.  Prize will include all Infinite-related spring albums, as well as their I.D.E.A. photo book set from their trip to the USA last summer, because it’s my favorite Infinite merch ever and I want to give one away :).

Everything you see pictured will be shipped to you if you are the winner.  Please excuse the cruddy photos - I am not Kim Myungsoo.

Items included:

  • Season 2, including album, photo card (you may choose between Hoya or Myungsoo’s card - I have one of each), folded poster (not pictured)
  • The Origin 3-disk instrumental album
  • ToHeart mini album, with Wookey photo card
  • Infinite I.D.E.A., with book, DVD, postcards, and vellum poster
  • Set of Stickers
  • Probably some cute non-Infinite items from shops in Seoul to be determined once I dig through my stash of stuff. 

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

  1. There will only be one winner.
  2. You do not need to follow me to enter.
  3. You may reblog once and like once for 2 entries.  Repeated reblogs will be ignored so don’t spam your dash.  I will enter your name a third time if, when you reblog, you add a comment telling me your favorite track from any of the above albums and why it’s your fave.  
  4. Do not delete the text when reblogging.
  5. I still don’t know what a giveaway blog is (seriously what is it.  does anyone even know or is it like a tumblr urban legend), but if you are a giveaway blog the general consensus seems to be you should stop that.  So no giveaway blogs will be allowed to win.  Of course, I might not recognize it if it is one, so take your chances I guess.
  6. I’ll run the names through a random number generator and pick a winner on August 1.  
  7. Please have your ask box open on August 1.  I will wait for a response for 48 hours and if I don’t hear from you I will pick a new name.
  8. I will ship anywhere in the world, and of course you must be comfortable sharing your address with me.

Questions may be directed to my ask.  Please ask off anon so I can answer privately and not spam my dash.

Good luck!

<3 aerintine

busan man hoya vs piggies